Key Information

Printing process

Rotary offset newspaper printing according to ISO standard 12647-3
Colour sequence: K-C-M-Y


Nordic Broadsheet

Paper format: 400 x 570 mm
Type area: 371 x 528 mm (single page)
771 x 528 mm (double page/center spreads)

Nordic Tabloid

Paper format: 285 x 400 mm
Type area: 246 x 371 mm (single page)
528 x 371 mm (double page/center spreads)

If you’re interested in other formats, please contact us.


42.5 g/m² Newsprint
45.0 g/m² Newsprint

Additional grammages and higher quality papers are possible.

Printing data

Formats: TIFF-G4 separated colours
PDF/X-1A or PDF/X-3 or PDF/X-4
Data transmission: router to router
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Coverage: max. 240 %
Colour separation: colour – ISOnewspaper 26v4.icc and WAN-IFRAnewspaper26v5.icc
greyscale – ISOnewspaper v4_gr.icc
Grid size: 48 l/cm

Additional grid sizes (60 l/cm or Sublima, etc.) are possible.


For optimal workability please note the guidelines Technischen Richtlinien zu Fremdbeilagen in Tageszeitungen by the bvdm.

Commercial inserts or other pre-products should be delivered at the earliest 7 or at the latest 3 workdays before insert deadline, always on Monday till Friday between 08:00 am and 3:00 pm to the following address:

SV Zeitungsdruck GmbH
Zamdorfer Straße 40
81677 München

If there are further questions, please contact us.